Guest family blog

The following is guest blog entry from Hayley, a resident living with her family on Leahurst road.

As a resident of Leahurst Road I sat with the letter this morning and talked to my husband about the impact of the changes that have been bought in and how they will effect us, and others. Covid meant that the last few months have been very different for us, as they have been for a lot of us. I have been asked by the NHS to shield so I have not been out

much at all and I have not been to a supermarket for over 12 weeks. Luckily I have a husband who has shopped for us, once a week. We did not shop like this before, we shopped 2 or 3 times a week using the car each time. We now realise we can shop smarter and using our car less. My parents live outside of London and have also been shielding. I have organised 2-3 weekly internet shops for  them. They had never had food delivered for them in this way before and they too can see some benefits of trying something new.

We have all noticed we can live differently. So, I have been home with a  husband working from home and 2 children I have been, and still are,  homeschooling, so sometimes we needed to get out. We embraced the bikes we already had and started cycling as family. I found it much less stressful with regard to social distancing and obviously it was good exercise for all of us. We regularly cycle from our house through Blackheath to Greenwich Park and down the hill. I would happily keep cycling but they just wanted to sit and chill out until we cycled home, they loved it and felt the difference of the quieter, safer roads, they even embraced cycle helmets, a battle I thought I would never win. We often went to Greenwich Park walking, scooting or skating, yup and sometimes driving. Now it’s totally natural for them to want to cyle there.

So as a family we have anticipated what the new world will look like. Our children who will be at Trinity Primary and Secondary will be able to walk or cycle to school safer than they have ever experienced. This for them and us as a family is a god send, we do not want them dicing with the traffic as they currently have done. We will continue to shop and use the car once a week, we won’t go to the Lidl in Lee High road but we will go to the Aldi in Kidbrooke. I have friends in Catford who I will now walk or cycle to. When the cat gets sick we will drive to Ringstead Road. The cat doesn’t get sick often thankfully. We will continue to walk to Lewisham and Lewisham hospital. In the instances of the few times we have to get there in a hurry, we will drive.

I have no idea whether everyone will embrace the need for people to think about using their car less, or if they can drive at less busy times but I really hope that for the common good those people that don’t need to drive won’t. That those people than can walk or cycle, can and can do safely.

I chose a local secondary for my son because I want him to be at school in the community within which he lives. There are many positives about this and him being safe is one of them.

I hope post covid we can all see the importance of making the right decision not the easy decisions. I know there are people embracing the scheme who really will have thier lives altered in a negative way, parents with children who really need transport etc etc.But if they can accept that we are all looking for a cleaner safer environment for everyone then I can too.

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