Lewisham Council Release Plan for Lewisham & Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial scheme

Today, thousands of residents in Lee Green will have received a letter explaining Lewisham Council’s updated plan for the healthy neighbourhood scheme. You can find a copy of the letter here .

The letter explains how the situation has changed during lockdown and the scheme has now been fast tracked, with a view to implementing the scheme on 29th June, using a temporary traffic order. It allows the council to implement measures after providing 7 days notice from the letter date.

The letter also includes the following map. The council have one further change since the last draft version, including further camera enforced modal filters at Manor Lane, Ennersdale Road, Dermody Road as well as indicating the location of recently installed temporary measures for social distancing on Staplehurst Road outside Sainsbury’s. The council also explain the additional features such as seating space, tree planting and cycle parking won’t be provided at this stage due to conditions of funding from Transport for London.

We tweeted the below picture when barriers on Staplehurst Road were installed last week.

We look forward to the planters, bollards and cameras being finally installed. We haven’t yet back from Lewisham council about the camera enforcement and hope they will use a similar approach to Lambeth council (as described by Lambeth Cyclists here). We will report more back once they’re in.

2 thoughts on “Lewisham Council Release Plan for Lewisham & Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial scheme

  1. Dear team
    I am extremely concerned about the plans. We live at the start of manor lane on the bend approaching lochaber hall. This corner is very dangerous as it is. It is obvious that cars are going to come around this corner of manor manor lane in an attempt to cut out a small portion of lee high road. Please can you provide some reassurance of how this will be monitored and action that will be take to stop cars cutting through on this corner which has already been left out of previous plans for sleeping policemen or speed bumps to reduce speed in this corner.


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