Transport Data Update August

The UK Government has acted dramatically in response to the predicted socially-distanced transport emergency

In the DfT analysis of how to “enable social distancing during restart” and “encourage active travel” they have issued statutory guidance: “government .. expects local authorities to make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists and pedestrians.”

So are these wild predictions and measures over-reactions or are we entering a C19 recovery transport emergency?

Covid-19 Transport Capacity August Update

In this new regular monthly update we will summarise the government transport data. August transport capacities:

Another reason the Government believes in a more diverse transport recovery is because of the huge increase in people using bicycles:

Source: government transport data

During lockdown

  • bicycle use rose by an average of 50% on working days
  • weekend and bank holiday cyclists shot up by over 136%

Government’s plans to offer key workers a safe alternative to full buses are coherent. The LTN and A21 trials the best affordable options

Work from Home statistics show us (ONS Survey Sept) :

  • 20% working from home full-time now
  • 43% not travelling to work in the last seven days

With a fifth of people still working from home, we shouldn’t see roads at 93% capacity?

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