Our response to the Lewisham Local Plan Consultation

For those who don’t know what the Lewisham Local Plan is, here’s how the council describes it.

“The Local Plan sets out a shared vision for the future of Lewisham along with the planning and delivery framework to achieve this vision.

The Local Plan helps to ensure that planning decisions are made in the best interests of our neighbourhoods and communities. It provides:

  • A strategy for the Council and its partners to direct investment across Lewisham, recognising it is an integral part of London.
  • Policies and guidelines used to determine planning applications.”

With this in mind, MLG felt it was important to submit a response developed by residents involved in our campaign to communicate their views on what we feel is needed in Lee Green in relation to the plan. The council use this to shape their planning and development policies throughout the borough for decades to come.

You can find our full response here.

The consultation is open until 11th April. You can get more information and respond to the consultation on the website here.

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