The problems created with the Revised LTN

Here’s what Leahurst road looked like earlier on. The current scheme isn’t a low traffic neighbourhood, & certainly isn’t providing safe routes for people (including kids) to choose 🛴🚶🏿‍♀️🚲 . The changes have made Leahurst Road and Manor Lane into a relief road for the A205 South Circular Road. Leahurst road and Manor Lane residentsContinue reading “The problems created with the Revised LTN”

Our response to the Lewisham Local Plan Consultation

For those who don’t know what the Lewisham Local Plan is, here’s how the council describes it. “The Local Plan sets out a shared vision for the future of Lewisham along with the planning and delivery framework to achieve this vision. The Local Plan helps to ensure that planning decisions are made in the bestContinue reading “Our response to the Lewisham Local Plan Consultation”

FAQs & Mythbusters

What is a Low Traffic Neighbourhood ? A low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) is a very simple idea: it’s protecting a group of residential streets from through motor traffic (rat runs). LTNs are usually bordered by main roads or natural lines (river, trainlines, etc…). This is achieved with a combination of modal filters (planters, bollards, alternatedContinue reading “FAQs & Mythbusters”

Lee Green Modal Filter Installation Starts!

Modal filters are being installed this week in Lee Green and Lewisham, with contractors from Meristem Design and Conway on site on Upwood Road and Woodyates Road earlier on Monday. Bollards are due to be installed to fill the gaps in the next few days. We’ll be updating this blog as they go in. InContinue reading “Lee Green Modal Filter Installation Starts!”