Transport Data Update August

The UK Government has acted dramatically in response to the predicted socially-distanced transport emergency In the DfT analysis of how to “enable social distancing during restart” and “encourage active travel” they have issued statutory guidance: “government .. expects local authorities to make significant changes to their road layouts to give more space to cyclists andContinue reading “Transport Data Update August”

Lee Green Modal Filter Installation Starts!

Modal filters are being installed this week in Lee Green and Lewisham, with contractors from Meristem Design and Conway on site on Upwood Road and Woodyates Road earlier on Monday. Bollards are due to be installed to fill the gaps in the next few days. We’ll be updating this blog as they go in. InContinue reading “Lee Green Modal Filter Installation Starts!”

Lewisham Council Release Plan for Lewisham & Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial scheme

Today, thousands of residents in Lee Green will have received a letter explaining Lewisham Council’s updated plan for the healthy neighbourhood scheme. You can find a copy of the letter here . The letter explains how the situation has changed during lockdown and the scheme has now been fast tracked, with a view to implementingContinue reading “Lewisham Council Release Plan for Lewisham & Lee Green Low Traffic Neighbourhood trial scheme”

Lewisham Council Announces COVID-19 Transport Response

In response to lockdown measures, Lewisham Council announced it “is taking emergency action to help the public safely make the essential trips they need to on foot or by bicycle. Enabling people to keep two metres apart will help protect the health and safety of the public and minimise pressure on the NHS.” The plansContinue reading “Lewisham Council Announces COVID-19 Transport Response”