Residents’ Stories

The following stories and quotes are from residents living in and around the Lee Green area who support this campaign and want low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) in Lee Green. Many have experienced what LTNs could feel like whilst the UK has been in lockdown during the Covid-19 Pandemic, as well as being empowered enough to walk or cycle journeys previously made by car or public transport.

“The LTN has made me think about journeys when I’m afraid to say I had previously prioritised time and convenience for most of my journeys. As a family we are all walking and cycling more than ever.

Having the LTN is making us rethink how we go about shopping, meeting friends and family, how to enjoy days out without the car, commuting, extra curricular activities and travelling to health appointments too.

Just actively thinking about it means we are choosing not to drive so much more than ever before.

S, Milborough Crescent Resident
Low traffic neighbourhoods will enable more kids to cycle, and won’t even need to use the pavement like this

“It was always stressful walking my daughter to school. We were dodging cars and it never felt safe. During lockdown, the reduction in traffic made walking and cycling much easier. We felt more at ease with letting our daughter run, walk, or cycle ahead of us. Before, we would never consider it. We’ve enjoyed our daily walks and teaching our daughter to cycle more confidently. Hearing the birdsong and breathing in cleaner air has made our area much more liveable.For the first time since I moved to London, I’m actually considering buying a bike since now I feel the area will be safer for cycling. The low traffic neighbourhood would help encourage people like myself and my family cycle more. 

I, Holme Lacy Road Resident
Jess and her sisters inside a cargo bike being ridden by Anna (Mum) on Burnt Ash Hill

“It’s really nice being in the big bike when you’re going places because you can just see places and you might go past some squirrels, a squirrels nest, a duck pond or anything. And if we were in the car you could barely see any of that stuff because you’re going so fast. When cars come close to us it feels a bit scary and when we’re sitting at a traffic light it feels boring. It smells horrid when we’re next to the cars and when they come past us it’s really loud with motors in my ear! It will be really good when some of the roads near us don’t have cars on so we can bike around more safely.”

Jess, aged 7, daughter of Anna, Burnt Ash Hill Residents
“I liked it when it was quiet because I could cycle safely.” Tianna, age 6, daughter of Shayna, Longhurst Road Residents

“As a cyclist the most dangerous part of my commute has always been the residential streets around Hither Green, including my own. The quiet that we experienced during early lockdown was such a relief – not only did I no longer have to battle my way through rush-hour traffic to get to work, but I felt less stressed without the noise and air pollution that we are normally exposed to, and we could even cycle on the roads with our young daughter and teach her vital skills. As lockdown has eased traffic has increased and our streets are back to being noisy, smelly and dangeous. Hopefully not for long, if we get these much-needed measures to reduce through-traffic in our area.”  

Shayna, Longhurst Road Resident

“Before, it didn’t feel safe to walk the kids to school or cycle anywhere, as the roads were dominated by cars at peak times. Some of the highest volumes of through traffic were on our narrowest roads, creating congestion, localised pollution and hazardous conditions outside schools. Now, we’ve seen a huge reduction in car traffic across the area. For the first time ever, it’s been safe to go on the roads for family cycle rides. I’ve enjoyed daily walks as the air feels so much cleaner. I’m planning to get a bike for the first time in 10 years, as I usually rely on public transport to get around.

The Lee Green low traffic neighbourhood will free up miles of roads in the area for safer walking and cycling. As schools return and more people need to cycle to work, it’s essential to keep car traffic levels permanently low.”

R, Ennersdale Road Resident

“My children daily ask for a cycle to Greenwich park as if it’s no big deal. Its wonderful to have been enjoying the quieter roads and watching my 8 year olds cycling confidence grow. My ten year old has noted how different it feels on the roads since covid. I’m from the countryside but love and  would never leave London. It’s great  to be able  to enjoy safer roads in the city.”

Hayley, Leahurst Road Resident
Hayley’s children, Greenwich Park

“I enjoyed biking on the roads during lockdown because it was quiet, interesting and new. I learnt to balance and practice more skills 🚴‍♀️🚸🔇”. 

M, age 7, Dallinger Road resident

“My young children were both able to cycle on the roads around Lee Green during the early weeks of lockdown, which was such a novelty for them when they were used to having to use the pavements for safety. Getting out on their bikes was a great way to encourage them to do their daily exercise and leave the the house without grumbling, as they were so excited to be able to bike on the roads. “

M’s Mum, Dallinger Road resident:  

“The last few months have been hard work but one of the positives has been taking the kids out for family bike rides, knowing that the roads will be quiet and we can get some safe, socially-distanced exercise”

Martin, Kellerton Road Resident
Martin’s son, Kellerton road resident

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